Why Wooden Sheds Should Be Considered Over Others

Wood as a traditional building material remains a builder’s favourite even though others have made their mark and have characteristics superior to it. Perhaps it’s the natural appearance or the fact that it’s easily available but one thing is for sure: no matter how many types of materials we invent, we’ll continue to appreciate this versatile substance.

Traditionally, garden sheds were built of wood but as time passed and newer materials were created, it slowly slipped off its top position. Today, better management practices and sustainable sources of wood mean that we can continue to build wooden sheds which are stronger, cheaper and lightweight.

So if other materials have certain attributes that are better than wood, why exactly should one opt for it? Here’s what you should know.

Easy to work with

Wood is extremely workable. In fact, it’s safe to say that it’s the most buildable material there is. For many, customisation is important and when taking into consideration what appearance can do for real estate value, it’s easy to see why many prefer to go for wood.

Better wood treatment makes wood better

It’s true that mould and termites tend to favour wood but modern treatment options make them a nuisance rather than a hazard. Better maintenance also greatly reduces the damage they can inflict to the point where it no longer seems to suffer from these issues. If a complete wooden shed seems too much of a risk, it’s always possible to combine it with other materials such as aluminium or steel to strengthen its structural integrity.

Environmentally friendly

Compared to other materials, wood is by far the most environmentally friendly for the simple reason that it can biodegrade. Even treated wood can. The fact that it’s so easily available also means you can use local wood which is much cheaper than those brought from out of state and doesn’t require to be transported for hundreds of miles.

Another green point about wood is its ability to be reused multiple times without much ado. Even reclaimed wood or drift wood, for that matter, has only to be repaired and refinished for a whole new look. This, at a very reasonable cost which is not the case with other materials.

Blends with surroundings

Sheds are built outdoors which means they’re immediately recognisable. For some, having structures blend with the environment is important. At the very least, they must complement each other. Wood is one of the few materials that effortlessly allows this especially since it can be customised to different styles.


Garden sheds may primarily be used as a storage structure but if woodworking is conducted inside, a wooden shed will quite effectively reduce noise. Not only is this appreciated by people living in the main house but it prevents wild animals and birds from being spooked. This can’t be promised with metal or vinyl as additional insulation in the form of foam or something similar must be used.

There’s no rule that says only wood should be used for garden sheds but if it’s a green building material you want or you don’t like the look of man-made sources like metal and plastic, this is the only option left. Rest assured, wooden sheds have great aesthetic value, are cheap to build and maintain and will continue to be valued for years to come.